Zaitune’s father was a welder, but his eyes have suffered terribly from his trade.

It is likely that when he worked, he never wore protective glasses. Perhaps he didn’t even know that he should.  Now he is totally blind in one eye. He can only see a little out of the other one, if something is very close. His eyes tear constantly. He can no longer work. 

Zaitune’s mother looks for any work, anywhere – a little here, a little there to get enough money to buy a little food. Zaitune is their only child, but there is not anywhere near enough income to pay school fees. Who knows what might happen if the mother gives into despair and leaves for another man.

Zaitune is very reserved, very quiet most of the time.  This may reflect the serious situation her father and mother are in. Her teachers say she is attentive in class. They think that she may become a  good learner.

In August 2023, she will be five years old.  She is currently in the “Middle” class of nursery school. 2024 might be her last in nursery, if she finds a sponsor. 

That would bring joy to the entire family, and maybe a little hope.