April 9, 2021 Children

Victory’s father is HIV positive and bedridden. He cannot work and is unlikely to survive much longer.

His mother is teaching in a private school, though she does not have teaching credentials, could find herself out of work and is paid verry little.   She tries to support her family on $41 per month.

Victory is only six years old, but the teachers say he has promise – and that he is a very kind boy.  He likes sharing, especially food, with others.  All the other children in the class love him.

Victory and his brother Aaron both attend Watoto, but the mother is unlikely to be able to pay the relatively small school fees. Aaron will start third grade in August and is ranked 1st, tying with another student.

While Educate Bwindi tries to help as many children as possible who cannot pay school fees, we must limit the amount in order not to  exceed our funds, especially now with the effects of COVID on tourism sponsorships.

We are hoping you might consider sponsoring both brothers, but even sponsoring one would be extremely helpful.

One person could change this family’s future forever.

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