When Unity was only one year old, her father died of AIDS.

When she was two years old, her mother remarried and deserted her.  It is common that when women remarry in order to survive, the new husband will not accept any children who are not his own.

Now Unity lives with her paternal grandparents. They are very old, have no income and only a small garden to grow a little food.  Her grandmother makes baskets for sale, and when Unity is at home, she makes them too.

Unity is smart and likes learning.  Her teachers like her because she is very active in her classes and helps other children with their homework. There is potential here for a positive future. She is currently in “Top” class, the last year of nursery.

The grandparents live over thirty kilometers from school, so right now the school lets her board for free and asks for no money, knowing there is none.

Her future depends entirely on whether or not she finds a sponsor.