September 24, 2020 Children

Udita is in a rough situation for a 6-year old. She had just started 1st grade in February 2020, only to go home because of COVID in March. She had been sponsored previously but through no fault of her own, she now needs a new sponsor.

Udita’s mother deserted the family to marry another man, leaving the father to take care of the three young children.  It is unclear whether the mother makes any effort to see the children.  Often when something like this happens, the new husband wants nothing to do with the woman’s previous children and may not want his new wife even to see them.

Udita is a quiet child.  Having her mother leave was very hard; at first she appeared depressed and anxious, but she was getting better before the COVID shutdown.  Udita needs time, consistency, a happy and healthy environment and a sponsor to have a chance.

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