September 24, 2020 Children

Udita is six years old, and life has not been kind. Her mother abandoned her and the other two children to marry another man.Since that time, she has rarely seen her mother.

Then her older brother was playing and tried to grab the back of a moving truck.  He had to use a breathing tube for a full year. Now he cannot speak well, cannot walk or even swallow his own saliva. Udita’s older sister was in a local secondary school but has had to drop out. There is little money, and her father needs help with the boy and Udita.

The father is a day worker – paid only when he is needed. He loads and unloads timber from a truck, but there has not been much work since tourism stopped and building stopped with it.

Recently, the father thought he would marry a woman he had met, but she started mistreating both the father and the children, so he sent her away.

Udita often looks depressed and worried.  Yet she is positive about school. Her performance is weak, but she is very young, and over time this could turn around. Pre-COVID, she came very early in the morning to school to work on her assignments. The teachers all comforted her,   She will go back to school soon to finish the 2020 school year.  She will get lots of nutritious food and lots of love from all the staff and other children.

When school was in full session, she would arrive early in the morning and try to do her assignments then.  The teachers have tried to comfort her, but what she needs is school to reopen full time,  to have the security of a sponsor and the benefits of boarding at school.    Something good has to happen.

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