No one knows where Surprise’s father is.  He left over two years ago to look for a job in Kampala and never came back. Maybe he married another woman.  Maybe something happened to him.

Surprise lives with her mother at her grandparents’ home. Her mother is illiterate as was her father.  If a child is lucky enough to go to primary school and learn to read and write, it is an incredible step into a better life.

It is families like these for whom Educate Bwindi exists.

Surprise was in the second year of nursery school, called “Middle” (“Baby” – “Middle” – “Top”) when the recent COVID lock down occurred.

For now, there is no school, but we are doing what we can to provide our youngest students very simple learning materials and asking older children, who are further along in school, to help them at home. 

She is seven years old. All she needs is a hand to help her to keep going.