One of Surprise’s teachers said that Surprise’s reasoning supersedes her age.

The teachers love that she is smart – she is almost a teaching assistant. When class is about to begin, Surprise helps to quiet everyone else down so the class is ready to go on time and has their materials organized.

No one knows where Surprise’s father is.  He left over two years ago to look for a job in Kampala and never came back. Maybe he married another woman.  Maybe something happened to him.

Surprise’s mother eventually left the family to live with another man.

Like so many other children in rural Uganda, Surprise and her younger siblings now live with their maternal grandparents. They are old, illiterate and barely manage to feed everyone with the crops from their small garden. Many of our children are lucky to have one meal a day when they are home.

When COVID hit, Surprise was in the second year of nursery school, called “Middle.” When schools were finally opened in early January 2022, she was moved, after only about six weeks of Middle into “Top” class, the last year of nursery.

Surprise is a child with real potential. She might go a long way, if she finds a sponsor to take her there.