Sponsorships and Donations


Bwindi Watoto Primary School

Owned and Operated by Educate Bwindi/Uganda

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To sponsor a child at Bwindi Watoto School, please go to The Children page.   Click the box “Read More” to find information about a specific child. You may also pay for one year of sponsorship online by credit card or PayPal from that page.  If you would like us to recommend or choose a child for you, or if you would prefer to receive a PayPal invoice or to send a check (cost is a little lower), Contact Us.

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Comboni Secondary School

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This is the best secondary school in our District.  We have worked with them for over 10 years and are always impressed by their on-going efforts to improve the school in every way. For academically strong students, it should be the only choice.

Included in total cost are school fees, room and board, transportation, a small amount of pocket money and another small amount for extra school or personal supplies and an extensive package of personal and school supplies, much of which will last throughout the first 4 years. A small amount is also added for textbooks specific to the student’s interest.

Please contact EducateBwindi@gmail.com for more information.

Our sister organization, Bwindi Community Program manages students attending Comboni and those attending vocational or University programs.

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San Giovanni Secondary School

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San Giovanni offers a good alternative for many students and sponsors.  The cost is lower than at Comboni, academics are solid, and our students are very pleased with teachers and the school.

We recommend San Giovanni for students who: care about education but may not have the best grades; for those at risk of early marriage if their education ends at age 12; for those who come from a home where food may be scarce or who are cared for by an elderly grandparent; or those from a situation where there may be neglect or other problems.  Further education has the dual benefit of providing continuing education for a better future life as well as a healthy, secure and positive personal experience until the student is at least 18 years old.

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