February 21, 2019 Children

We have four children in third grade (“P.3”), all ranked head to head against each other – all with interesting academic performance. At the end of 1st term 2019, they ranked 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th.

All are highly vulnerable with pretty difficult home situations.  We hope we can find sponsors for them before their situations deteriorate.

None is at the top of the class, but each has unusually strong grades in specific areas.  It is still early in their education, but if you are looking to sponsor – perhaps even more than one, they are all bright, involved and hard working.

This is what we know.  Sincere ranked 8th in her class at the end of 2018. The teachers say she is very inquisitive.

Both her parents are alive and both illiterate.  The mother does house work to be able to buy food for the four children.

The father has developed serious health complications and can no longer do hard labor – and that is the only work available without training and literacy.  He now sits at home, worrying about the future of his children.

Sincere is ranked 8th in her class.  She is quick to ask questions – and loves studying.   We hope very much that you will help her – and perhaps some of the other 4!

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