August 11, 2019 Children

Shifurah’s father is dead.  People say it was from AIDS, but before that took him, he had a bad attack of malaria and died quickly. AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis are the big killers in Uganda.

Shifurah is a smart girl but does not seem to understand the concept of death. She thinks one day she will have her father living with them again.

Her mother is also HIV positive, illiterate – works hard at a small local restaurant, but it is impossible to feed and clothe her five children children.  Two uncles have stepped in to help a few of the children,  but not Shifurah. Watoto is trying to help her.

The mother now fears she will die soon.

Shifurah is 12 years old, ranks 10th in her 3rd grade class and loves to study and learn.

She should be boarding at school – something that comes with a sponsorship.

She should be receiving high nutrition, regular meals – that comes with a sponsorship.

She should have time to study every day, and to play and make friends – that comes with a sponsorship.

She should have opportunity – and someone who will be standing by her if her mother is right.


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