December 6, 2019 Children

For a long time, Samantha’s mother was in the hospital with a stomach illness in a city named Mbarara – far from Bwindi.   For a long time, no one could figure out what was wrong.  Now they know she as cancer.

Samantha’s father divorced his wife some time ago and moved on to another woman.

The grandmother is taking care of both her daughter,  for whom the hospital seems not to have been able to help, and of her four-year-old  granddaughter.

Samantha’s teacher say she is a quick learner, and always the first to complete class assignments.  It is a good beginning.

No one seems sure who might take care of Samantha when it becomes necessary in the future.

There is no question that having her sponsored would help both women sleep a little easier and offer some security for Samantha who may have a rough road ahead.

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