Samantha and Jonathon

March 6, 2020 Children

We don’t usually list siblings, but this time, it is a real emergency.

For a long time, Samantha’s and Jonathan’s mother was in the hospital with a stomach illness far from Bwindi. No one could figure out what was wrong.  Now they know.  She has stomach cancer.  She has had four surgeries, but the future looks bleak.

Samantha’s father divorced his wife and moved on to another woman. He feels no responsibility for these children.

The grandmother is taking care of both her daughter and grandchildren.  Samantha is in nursery school, and Jonathan is in 2nd grade. Only neither could start school this term because there is no money.  That is why there is no photo of Jonathon.

Both mother and grandmother would sleep a little easier knowing that the children are in school and boarding at Watoto. It is going to be a rough road ahead.

Note:  The cost for two children is $1320 annually.  They would need your help at very least through primary (ends after 7th grade).  Please feel free to contact us with questions (    Checks should be made out to Educate Bwindi/1933 N. Hudson Ave/Chicago, IL

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