When Ibrahim and Majidu went out to visit Salvant and her great-grandfather at their home, the photos they brought back were pretty bad.  Both were malnourished, in rags and living in a shack. Her great-grandfather said he had assumed that Salvant would never be able to go to school.

Her father died before she was born. Her mother had no way of surviving and found a new husband.  Old tribal traditions in rural Uganda die slowly. One of the most common is that a man will not let a woman come into his home with a child that is not his.  The child is then given to grandparents.

But Salvant’s grandparents died of AIDS long ago. The only option was to send Salvant to live with her great-grandparents, the same people who had raised Salvant’s mother.

Then her great grandmother died.

Salvant started in “Baby” class at the Bwindi Watoto School when she was 8 years old on February 6th, 2023. 

Her great-grandfather was wrong.

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