March 6, 2020 Children

Rossette started Middle, the second year of nursery school, in February.

Her family situation is difficult.  Her father is a drunkard, jobless and more than 60 years old (that is old for Uganda).   He is literally  drinking away the family’s food and the tuition fees for their three girls. Fortunately, the eldest girl of the three, Magdalena, was recently sponsored.  They were all excited and happy for Magdalena.

Rossette is 4 years and in “Middle” the second year of nursery school.  She ended last year 4th in class. Although grades at this point don’t mean much, usually a child who is ranked high has a reasonably good chance of doing well as time goes by.

She’s a big storyteller and will tell a story to anyone who will listen.

Our hope is to get the children out of the house into a healthy school environment with plenty of nutritious food, medical oversight and a regular schedule for school, play, study and sleep.

Rossette’s sister, Magdalena, was recently sponsored, so now it is Rossette’s turn.

We had both girls tested for HIV, Hep C and Sickle Cell just to make sure, as we do from time to time.  Magdalena came out all negative. But Rossette has some sickle cells in her blood, though no symptoms.  The testing was done in the Bwindi Community Hospital, but they are sending us to a hospital in Mbarara – a bigger town, specializing in hospital and clinics of all sorts.   Our school nurse will take her there in a couple of weeks, and we will know more then.

This little girl, bubbling over with joy about life and school needs, really needs, a sponsor.  We hope someone will give her a hand.

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