The Uganda-Congo border conflicts ended in 2003 with new border demarcation agreements. Ronald and his six brothers, sisters and mother were caught literally in the middle. Their house had been in Uganda, but now was in Congo. They were offered the option of becoming Congolese citizens and staying there, but the mother was very uncomfortable with that solution. They lost their home.

The only person who agreed to help them was a man who owns a banana plantation and keeps a large goat herd. He built a mud and wattle house for them in the middle of his plantation. He told them they could live there to be his goat herders and to take care of his vegetable gardens. For that he gave them food (probably the cheapest) and “accommodation”. That’s all he gives them. None of the children have ever been in school, until we recently accepted Ronald after visiting the family and seeing how dire the situation is is.

Ronald is now eight years old and cannot read or write. He has started in “Baby” class- mostly made up of four and five year-old children. He is boarding to give him more opportunity to learn, to grow, improve his health and to make friends. We will do the best we can for as long as we can to help him. It will surely be better than the rich plantation owner offered.

At least one of the children may escape the nightmare.