Make A Donation In Any Amount



  • $ 55 could pay for water for the entire school for one term
  • $165 for one year
  • $70 purchases 100 boxes of pencils 
  • $138 could pay for hydro-electricity for one month
  • $413 for one year
  • $120 would purchase 10 new uniforms for poor students
  • $125 supplies the whole school with some green vegetables every day for a term
  • $325 supplies the whole school with green vegetables for one year
  • $200 could buy 8 new mattresses for the dormitories
  • $200 could buy 11 new blankets for the dormitories
  • $1000 could pay for firewood for cooking for one term
  • $2000 could pay for milk to be added daily to the diet for the whole school for one year (we hope this would be a recurring donation perhaps from a group of donors)
  • $5000 would purchase new furniture, wall posters, learning toys and books for the new nursery school classrooms.
  • $5000 would pay for the final payments for building the new nursery.

Make A Donation In Any Amount

Make a donation in any amount. Enter your amount below.

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