When Princess’s father died, her mother “married another family.”

In rural Uganda, to survive, women who lose their husbands often remarry. However, in the still tribal culture, it is rare that the new husband will accept any children from a previous marriage.

Children are most often put in the care of a grandmother who may have no way to feed them all.  Princess’ uncle, a soldier, works far away but tries to send a little money to the grandmother when he can.

They are lucky to eat once a day, usually only cornmeal. In season, maybe a little tomato.

No wonder that Princess often looks so unhappy.

Now Princess’ mother is sickly and sometimes comes back to stay with them.

Until COVID hit, Princess was sponsored by an entire yoga class who pitched in, sent her letters and photos and made her feel like the princess she is. Sadly, the Yoga studio could not sustain itself through the COVID shutdowns.

Princess is currently in 3rd grade.

All sponsored students board, receive plentiful and nutritious food at school as well as love and care from the staff and from other children.

School is her refuge.

Princess’ academic performance has been weak. It is very difficult to tell whether she will eventually improve, especially given all the schooling missed during COVID.  What we can tell you is that her life will be better every day she is able to stay in school.