While Praise’s mother was pregnant with Praise, her father died, they think from a heart attack.

Her father had been a teacher, but her mother is not educated and has no job. She has a small garden and uses some of the produce to sell, or try to sell, at the market for a little money.

There is not a lot to eat, not a lot of happiness, not much of a future. They cannot afford anything, including school fees.

Praise’s mother loves her very much, but eventually, she will probably remarry. Then Praise will end up living with relatives who may or may not be interested – or financially capable – of giving her a better life, much less an education.

Having a sponsor and the ability to start school in the very first year of nursery school would be an incredible gift to Praise.

She would begin in the first year of three years of pre- school, building a good basis for later. She would eat three times a day, probably the best quality, best quantity and most nutritious of any school in the area. Our class size for nursery students is small. If her mother needs her to board at school, she can, or they can wait until she is in first grade. She could have lots of friends and a safe harbor no matter what happens.

It’s not much to ask to help this child.