Praise and Precious are twins.  Theirs is a heartbreaking story, in a world where there are many difficult stories, yet this is also a story of love and hope.

  • Their father is a drunk who abandoned them and married another woman. They have never seen him since.
  • Their mother is dying slowly of AIDS. She has been bedridden for four years.
  • “They say” that the mother had some sort of psychiatric issue that began when she was a child. Soon after giving birth, she lost her memory. Now it is likely that she will lose her life.

Their mother’s sister and her husband took the twins and their mother in shortly after the girls were born – even though they already had five children of their own to feed.

The husband has a good job working with the Batwa (pygmies who were brought out of the mountain forests when the serious protection of gorillas began).  Nonetheless, It is not easy to feed nine people. 

The girls were just babies when the mother became very ill.  Their aunt breast fed them. They have always called her mama. They have never known that the woman dying in their home is their mother.

Please contact us only if you are willing to sponsor them both.

Note: Total if paid through the website =$1360. If paid by check, =$1320.