February 8, 2020 Children

Some stories are especially hard.  This is one of them.

Philson’s father is jobless, illiterate, a drunkard and deserted his wife and family for another woman.  He now is seriously ill.  Even if he wanted, he could not work.

Philson is 7 years old.  He has just started first grade. His elder brothers and sisters are not in school, don’t want to go to school and see no value whatsoever in school.   Philson is the “Baby” of the family.

The mother came to the Head Teacher in tears, begging for help.  He tried talking to the older brothers about the importance of education, but they brushed him off.  The mother is afraid they may influence Philson to drop out.

There is a possibility that if is sponsored and boards at school, he might escape their influence – and escape the tragedy his father has become.

Time will tell, but without a sponsorship, chances are he will leave school and join his brothers.

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