Noella’s father died of AIDS in 2017.  Her mother died of AIDS in November 2022. Noella was an only child.  She had been living with her grandmother when her mother became ill, but her grandmother died, too. 

Now Noella lives with her aunt, her aunt’s husband and two younger cousins.  Although her uncle is lucky to have a job, the couple may not be able to fund Noella’s education because they will want their own children to go to school.  It is unlikely they will – or really can – pay for Noella.

Despite her hardships, Noella always has a smile on her face, She was lucky to be born HIV negative and is healthy. In early February she came back to school in “Top” class – the last year of nursery school. The school will keep her as long as possible without a sponsor, but the only way to be sure she will be able to attend Watoto is for someone to help her.

She needs someone to love her and take care of her – even if you are thousands of miles away.