We are trying to find an effective way to address a problem for some of our best students.  Most of our attention and virtually all of the sponsorships are given to vulnerable children who cannot pay day school fees, but sometimes some of the best do not get the attention they deserve. 

We never have enough new sponsors to cover all the children who need help. Mwaminah is soon to graduate from primary education and was overlooked because the school lets her board and charges her nothing.

She has no sponsor, but if she did (and we hope she will), in February 2024, she would be getting on the bus with many of her fellow P.7 graduates to attend the Bishop Comboni College Kambuga – one of the best secondary schools in the District. With help from her new sponsor, her new trunk would be full of items required by the school:  two pairs of new school shoes, a nightgown, underwear and socks – sheets and a blanket and a new mattress, pens and paper, a flashlight and wash bucket, and literally at least twenty more items. 

She comes from a very large, very poor family whose home is far away in the mountains. Her success at school has been strong. She speaks extremely good English. She is admired, a leader, a friend to all – and a soccer star.

Without a sponsor, in less than four months, all her hard work, her incredibly positive attitude, her good grades and her future will be gone.

Whether one person sponsors Mwaminah, or a group of friends or family, she needs to know that you will help her through secondary – and perhaps beyond.  She will not let you down


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