This is how Munirah looked when found wandering on the road.

She  comes from a broken family. Both parents abandoned her, leaving her with an elderly grandmother who recently died.

In rural Uganda where the old tribal ways remain part of the culture, Munirah’s mother could not take with her when she remarried.  The new husband would not accept children who are not his own.

Sometimes a child can live with the father’s new family, but in this case, the new wife refused to take Munirah. An uncle recently stepped in to help, but he has no money for school fees and not much even to feed another mouth.  We have taken her as a boarder for free until she has a sponsor.

Munirah is smart. In her old school, she was first in class, but there was no money for her to return to school.   She is in P.3 – third grade – currently a class with many bright students all of whom work hard for the top positions – it should actually be fun for her.  Technically, this class already has the maximum number of students permitted, but we will never turn away a student, without parents or a grandparent –  and running short on hope.

We are pleased to have her as part of our school.