March 3, 2021 Children

Mercy’s father once hit her mother’s head with a log. He has no job and is a drunkard with a foul mouth.  Fortunately, he and his wife separated.  He married another woman. Then her mother also remarried and has a new baby.  These are tricky situations in rural Uganda.  Often, as is the case here,  the new husband does not want the burden of children who are not his.

Mercy now lives with her grandmother who sells a few tomatoes at the market to buy food.

Mercy is a cheeky little ten-year-old who loves answering questions in class even if she is wrong. She is currently in third grade.

The other children call her “the lawyer” because whenever there is a “situation” of any kind in class, Mercy speaks up to explain it to the teacher.

Mercy has not yet done very well academically, but her need for sponsorship is just as great as a child who is top of class.  Many rural children never go to school at all.  We may consider that only an elementary school education is too little, but in Uganda, children are lucky to learn to read and write and do a little math.  Who knows, she may blossom yet.  She is only 10 years old in third grade.

Update:  Mercy’s father died this week.  March 2021

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