April 9, 2021 Children

This six-year-old little angel loves telling stories.  Her teachers say she had told several of them in class, and the other children listen spellbound.

She performs well in class, seems to have good listening skills and might do very well in the long run, but her home situation is difficult

Her mother earns about $69 a month as a “casual” worker in a lodge, meaning she works when they need her.  This pays for food and very basic needs, but not much more – and that right now, that assumes there is some tourism in Bwindi.

Maxensio’s father abandoned the family (there are no other siblings) and went to the city looking for work.  He has now been away with without any contact, for three years.

Sponsorships are meant to help children like Maxensio.  It can make a difference between no future,  and the sky’s the limit.

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