September 24, 2019 Children

Not every child who is sponsored will do well in school, though we will always work hard to help them grow healthy and learn.

Not every child’s family has been decimated by AIDS.

Marion turned 10 years old in August and will start 4th grade (P.4) in February.

Her grandfather died of AIDS. Her grandmother with whom she lives is HIV positive.  Her father died of AIDS, and her mother who is HIV positive abandoned her children with her mother.

The Bwindi Watoto School was founded to help children like this.

Marion is serious about school and works hard.  She is currently ranked 17th in her class, but her teachers say she may yet improve.

The danger is what happens to her (and her two sisters) when the grandmother dies.

Educate Bwindi hopes to develop a plan for children like Marion, though at the moment, we are struggling for ideas.

The bottom line is that she needs help now.  Give us time to work on next steps when she graduates at the end of 2022.

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