There are two ways to help Educate Bwindi help the students at the Bwindi Watoto School.

Sponsor a child

Sponsorships are a type of donation.They are the financial backbone of sustainable income for the school. You are contributing not only to a specific child’s welfare, but helping us pay for teachers, purchase food and school supplies, have a full-time nurse on campus, etc.

Sponsors make an implicit commitment that if at all possible, the sponsor will remain with the child, supporting him or her throughout his or her education. For some that may be only primary school; for others the path may eventually lead to University.  You will change a child’s life.

See the Children’s Sponsorship Page to sponsor a child.

Other Donations

Sponsoring a child is not for everyone.

Donations might be one-time only, monthly or annually.

“Unrestricted” donations are funds that can be used for whatever the school might need.  Most donations are unrestricted. They make the difference when we are short on funds for school supplies or an unplanned need arises, perhaps food costs unexpectedly rise or a window needs replacing.

“Restricted” donations tend to be for larger amounts needed by the school for a specific project and usually discussed with the donor prior to the donation being sent.

On this page, you can donate any amount. Below are some examples of the annual costs we have every year – costs that are covered usually through donations.

Whether you donate $5 or $500, every donation is appreciated!

School Supplies:

Each school year we need paper, pencils and pens, chalk, erasers and other standard supplies. $50, or $100 or $200 are all great.

Approximate Annual Total Need: $1,500.

Mattresses and/or Blankets

1 mattress with a new cover: $52 – Need:  20

1 blanket:  $17  – Need:  25


The government curriculum requires specific textbooks. The Bwindi Watoto Headmaster decides which textbooks, and how many of each, can be purchased with the available funds. Our goal is to have enough in each subject such that no more than two students need to share any book.

Note: Learning in the Ugandan system depends heavily on rote learning. Textbooks have specific information and facts students must memorize for National Exams.

Annual Goal $2,000


Fresh milk and powdered milk are both quite expensive. If we can afford it, we try to put ½ cup of milk into every portion of morning porridge. We are unable to purchase milk for the students without this special donation.

Annual Goal: $2,250

Eggs: Two eggs per week, per person for one school year. We are unable to purchase eggs for the students without this special donation.

Annual Goal: $2,250

Have a question? or Lorna at 312-316-7386

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