March 6, 2020 Children

This lovely little girl lives in a very difficult situation. She has both parents, but her mother is mentally ill. There is no diagnosis or treatment available. She has periodic episodes of illness, sometimes requiring that she be tied up because she becomes dangerous to herself and others.

When Leticious started “Baby” (the first year of nursery school) this year, everyone thought she didn’t speak at all, but she was simply very, very shy. She has gradually felt more comfortable and now chatters away and is playful.

Her father is alive, but jobless. Sometimes he is able to work at a tea plantation, but not often.

Leticious’ older sister Dassy is also at school, which helps at home, but everyone thinks it likely that their mother’s episodes may increase frequency over time. It is unclear what might happen if her mother’s illness becomes worse.

Leticious is 3 years old.

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