August 11, 2019 Children

Six-year-old Julia is in first grade.

She lives very, very far away from school.  There is no school that is closer.  There is no public transportation, and her family cannot afford to pay for a boda-boda (a motorcycle taxi) to take her to school and home each day.

This tiny girl walks with her brother, Johnson, up and down through the foothills bordering the mountains of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest where the last remaining mountain gorillas roam.

She is shy and works hard in school. We are letting them board at school now, but we are so overcrowded, it is hard.  She tied for 3rd in 1st term this year, though her mathematics are very weak.

Julia’s father works on a tea plantation, picking tea, but does not earn much money.

He does what he can to pay school fees, but often does not have enough.

These are good children. Helping Julia helps her whole family – and if she is sponsored soon, perhaps we may be able to get those math scores up!


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