June 16, 2020 Children

Journey is one of the smartest students in 5th grade class full of smart students.  Out of a class of 25 students, 21 scored in “Division 1”.  That is pretty spectacular… and speaks well of Journey’s academic ability.

Of the top 5 students, four others are already sponsored.

She has five sisters and one brother.  Both her parents are alive, but her father picks tea – earning barely enough to feed two much less 8.

For 2020, we are keeping her free at school as a boarder since her family looks too far away to walk every day.  We want to make sure she doesn’t drop out, but she needs a sponsor who will stick with her through secondary – and perhaps beyond if she continues strong.

Here is a girl who has a real chance of breaking through poverty and eventually making enough money to support herself and help her family.  Educate Bwindi is founded on the belief that we can help children break the cycle of poverty.  Sponsor her now.  Sponsor her through high school.  Give her a chance.  She has earned it.

Note:  If you have questions about secondary costs, please contact us at or call Lorna at 312-316-7386 US.

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