October 17, 2019 Children

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1st in class.  And not just any class – a class of 52 students, overcrowded by the former owner of the school. All graduating in December.

Learning has not been easy for any of the children in this class, and it is a credit to Joel that he has done so well.  But if he has no support for secondary school, he may be tossed back into poverty and despair with little hope for work and little hope for a future.

The Head of School says he is an active participant in classroom discussion.  His parents, both alive, struggle to keep their six children in school, but know the value of education.

Joel’s mother works at home, trying to plant enough food in their small garden to feed everyone.

His father is a security guard near the border with South Sudan – far away from home, from his children, from the school – and working there can be dangerous.

We must find a sponsor for Joel before the end of January 2020 or his future stops.

Please make sure Joel continues on to secondary.

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