March 6, 2020 Children

Issacs’s mathematics teacher says Isaac is the fastest learner he has ever taught.

Over the last several years, his performance has gotten better and better.  In 2019, he came in second in his class.

He is in the 7th grade, the last year of Primary education in Uganda.

His mother is the victim of domestic violence.  She often has to leave the house and stay with relatives to be safe.  His five brothers and sisters also often stay with relatives. Even when things are calm,  there is not enough room in their little shack to accommodate all of them.

Isaac’s uncle has been paying his school fees but his own children are soon to be school age, so that support will end.

He wants to be a doctor.  Sometimes a rural student can get a government sponsorship to medical school after 6 years of high school, but there are not many available.   Sometimes a student goes to 4 years of nursing and can then enter medical school.

We are looking for a sponsor – or maybe two of you,  who know and trust each other’s commitment to help Isaac finish his primary education at Watoto and then send him to a first-rate secondary school in our District for the next phase of his education. We would be more than happy to discuss secondary costs with you, if you are interested.

This is one of those boys who will make you proud as you move with him into his future — IF he is lucky enough to find a sponsor. Otherwise life stops cold at the end of this year.

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