June 16, 2020 Children

If you are interested in sponsoring Innocent, please do NOT use the PayPal function on this page.   Please contact us at or (US) 312-316-7386.

Innocent is a very, very smart girl.  At the end of last year, she received a perfect score in National Exams. That does not happen often.

She dreams of one day being a politician.  She asks challenging questions in class – and she especially likes challenging the boys. Her teachers are proud of her.

Her parents were smart.  Innocent is their only child, and they have been able to take care of her well, but secondary education at the good school we use is still very much beyond their reach. It is likely she will need to attend all six years of secondary (following the British system) before moving on to a university or vocational program.

The only way she will be able to continue to high school/secondary next year is with a sponsorship.

Who knows how far she will be able to go.  Maybe one day she will be the first woman president of Uganda!

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