If you wish to sponsor Genesis for secondary school, please DO NOT use the payment sheet on your right. Secondary costs are different than those for primary.

Please contact Lorna at +1.312.316.7386 for information and questions or write to:  educatebwindi@gmail.org

Genesis’ father decided that alcohol was more important than family.  He abandoned his wife and three children.  His mother now works in other people’s vegetable gardens to earn a little money for food- a very little.   There is no other source of income.

Genesis has a nickname, given to him by the teaching staff. They call him “Professor” because they are proud of how quickly he grasps new concepts.  The teachers say he could become anything he wants, a lawyer, doctor, engineer – anything.

“Anything” assumes that when you finish your primary education, as Genesis will in early December, you have the money to pay for secondary education when it begins in early 2023.

The “Professor’s” situation is simple. Either someone steps up to sponsor Genesis soon, or this thirteen-year-old boy with a gifted mind and great potential goes home on December 9th with an elementary education, but no working skills, no job, no future and no hope. Forever.