October 17, 2019 Children

When Genesis was very little, he always woke up very early in the morning to make sure he would be ready to go to school with his older sister.  He has always loved school and couldn’t bear to be late or to miss a day!

Genesis is one of the best students in 5th grade – and will start 6th in early 2020.

He is lucky to have both parents, but his father is very old and can do little work other than to help his mother grow vegetables in their little garden to provide food for the family.

He is a quiet boy with a small group of friends, always striving to be – and stay at the very top in of his class.

He dreams of being a doctor.

If you are interested in sponsoring Genesis, please plan on taking him through secondary school. Students graduate from primary at the end of 7th grade., so he has two years or primary left (2020-2021).

This is a child who deserves to continue his education.

  • Please contact us to discuss secondary costs.

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