April 9, 2021 Children

Her mother deserted the family and went to the city looking for work.  Sadly, often the only work that can be found is prostitution.  Eva was left with her father.  It is unlikely she will ever see her mother again.

Her father is jobless and looks for day work – if he can find it.  He is uneducated and has few skills.

Eva is six years old. Her teachers say she is a quick learner and capable of being a quite good student.  She is very shy right now.

The school says the father is trying hard to support his two girls (Eva is the younger one), but that in situations like this, fathers tend to break down under the pressure and are unable to raise money for school fees.  The situation puts Eva’s future at great risk  with a high likelihood of early pregnancy with or without early marriage and likely to drop out of school

Watoto offers a kind of safety zone for children, especially when we can find children like Eva a sponsor.

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