September 24, 2019 Children

Here’s a little girl with a happier story than many of our children but she needs help, nonetheless.

Ellis is 7 years old  and is currently in  Primary 2 (second grade). Her teachers describe her as a playful, joyful and friendly girl.

She is the oldest of four children.  Her father became a HIV counselor in a health center. Up until then, he had very little income.

It is not always just the poorest who need help. Sometimes even those with a job do, too. Jobs often are not well paid, and salaries often are stretched to provide for many.

Once he had regular work, the father’s priority was to put all his brothers and sisters back in school, mostly into high school.  He does not make very much as a counselor.  Sometimes he cannot pay fees for Ellis, and she ends up missing school.  The only way to get her into school regularly is to find her a sponsor.

Sometimes someone helping others needs help himself.  Here is a man who understands the importance of education and of family. Here is a little girl who needs help.

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