Through no fault of her own, Bronia lost her sponsorship during COVID.

She lost her mother seven years ago to AIDS.

She lost her father because he could not find work at home and went to Kampala eight years ago to find work.  He sends money to the family but can rarely make the long trip home to see his family.  He is HIV positive, tries to take his meds, but sometimes the financial situation and the loss of his wife and his concern for his children overwhelm him.  When this happens, he sometimes does not take the medication. Bronia tested HIV negative.

Bronia is a sweet girl, now eleven years old.  She is only in 5th grade (P.5) because her father could not afford to send her to school on time.  Her schoolwork has been good. She was ranked 5th in her class for the last exams.

For a girl like Bronia the future is the toss of a coin.

With a sponsor, she may end up going to secondary school, do a vocational program, find a job and be confident, self-supporting and not quick to marry so that she may have a career – and a good life.

Without a sponsor she will end up in an early marriage, have too many children and struggle to feed them all her life.

For a girl in Uganda, those are the only two paths.