December 6, 2019 Children

Brighton’s mother is always laughing.  When she was younger, she never took school seriously and dropped out of high school, got married, got pregnant and got divorced.

She now regrets it all – except for her three-year-old son Brighton. He is her happiness, but life is hard.

Her father, who worked as a forest ranger with the gorillas for many years is seriously ill. Both Brighton’s mother and grandmother do what they can to grow enough food in the small garden behind their house to keep them alive.

Brighton is a jolly boy with lots of friends.  His teacher says he is very attentive in class and thinks he has good academic potential.

He has some sort of respiratory problem, but the doctor at the hospital thinks he will grow out of it.

His mother now is very much aware how important a good education is. This family prays that Brighton will be able to stay in school.


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