Brighton’s mother regrets her past and hopes her son can do what she did not.

She failed to take her education seriously and dropped out of high school, got married, got pregnant, and got divorced.

She and Brighton have depended on her parents, but her father who worked for many years as a forest ranger with the gorillas is now ill and now old and cannot work anymore.

She and her mother work in the family’s garden, doing what they can to raise enough food for the family – and when hungry children have nowhere else to go for food, they always share what that have.

Brighton is a jolly boy with lots of friends, but rarely smiles. His baby teeth came in very badly, and he is embarrassed by them. We had the dentist at the hospital check, and he said hopefully Brighton’s adult teeth will come in better.

His teacher says he is very attentive in class, but for now, he is a slow learner. Yet he is only in Middle class, and if he finds a sponsor will have many more years of primary education ahead of him.
This family prays that Brighton will be able to stay in school.