October 17, 2019 Children

Bless is an unusual child.  Her teachers say she is shy and prefers being alone – yet she helps other students with their classwork. Right now, she is ten years old.

She is doing well in 3rd grade, ranking 4th in her class.  In early 2020, she will begin 4th grade where classes get more demanding and competition among the better students often helps motivate them all.

Both of her parents are alive, but her father is what is call a “casual worker”.  He has no full-time job but depends on daily work loading supplies onto vehicles.  It is far from an income one can count on, and it is not impossible that her father might have to move to find work.

Her brothers and sisters attend public/government schools which is an option for parents with no reliable income, but Bless looks like she is thriving at Bwindi Watoto.

She is the kind of child for whom school can become a special path to better things, as long as she can stay in school long term.  For that she needs help from someone who steps up to sponsor her.

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