Bettinah is a happy girl – and very kind to others.  She is only four years old and will restart “Baby” class, the first year of Nursery school when schools reopen. She started in February 2020, but school was open less than two months.

Her teachers say she keeps her uniform clean better than any other student in the class.   She also cries if anyone stains her uniform and sometimes asks if she can be allowed to remove it and get it cleaned before she puts it on again. It is probably her most precious possession. She probably has one other piece of clothing.

While both her her mother and father are alive, her father does not earn enough to pay school fees.  He collects and sells metal scraps (only small pieces).  There is not a lot of scrap metal in rural Uganda.

Bettinah has been accepted at school with the hope that she will find a sponsor and be able to continue. Without a sponsor, that will not be possible.