Sometimes Benjamin looks worried even though he is doing well in “Top” class (the last year of nursery school.)

The school thinks Benjamin feels the loss of his parents’ love very acutely. His mother left the family and married another man, something that happens frequently if there is no money at home since the mother may have no way to feed her children or herself. 

Unfortunately, when a woman lives with another man, it is common that he refuses to take her children. The child is then usually given to the maternal grandmother.

Benjamin no longer sees his mother.  His father travels from town to town looking for work, so he sees him only rarely.  Even at six years old, he may understand his 80-year-old grandmother may not live much longer (60 can be old for a grandmother).

It is unlikely that he receives much dinner or much foo on the weekend when home.

Right now, the school has taken in Benjamin for free, but we are always right at the limit of the number of students the school can afford to support without funding, and after eventually, students like Benjamin cannot continue without sponsorship.

A sponsor would guarantee that Benjamin could stay in school permanently.  Equally important for his health and emotional security, he would board, becoming a part of this greater community, making close friends more easily, having teachers available in the evening if he needs help on homework and having dinner every day.

His teachers say he is smart and likely to do well academically – if he can stay in school. Both academically and emotionally, sponsorship would change his life.  After a time, he would feel secure – and never need to look worried again.