She  comes from a broken family. Both parents abandoned her, leaving her with an elderly grandmother who recently……

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Jasper’s story is all too common in rural Uganda, but the story he is building for himself, is not.

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Mercy’s father is bewitched. Or that is, at least, what the community thinks. He often talks to himself while walking…

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When Unity was only one year old, her father died of AIDS.  When she was two years old, her mother remarried and…

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Bronia lost her mother seven years ago to AIDS. Her father also has AIDS.  She functionally lost him eight years ago…

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Here is what is great about Surprise: her teachers say that when class is about to begin she helps to quiet everyone…

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Alvin is 13 years old and will begin his last year of primary school in January 2022 when schools will probably reopen.…

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Bettinah is a happy little girl – and very kind to others. She is now five years old and in Middle class, the first…

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Brighton’s mother regrets her past and hopes her son can do what she did not. She failed to take her education…

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