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Brighton’s mother is always laughing.  When she was younger, she never took school seriously and dropped out of high…

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Five-year-old Pretty is an amazing girl.  She is a born leader, always smiling, singing, laughing and encouraging…

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Nahson’s father was a soldier.  He died in Somalia on a peacekeeping mission.

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Eva’s mother deserted the family and went to the city looking for work.  Sadly, often the only work that can be found…

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No one knows where Surprise’s father is.  He left over two years ago to look for a job in Kampala and never came back.…

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Elias’ father has been bed ridden for close to five years.  Our local hospital has been unable to diagnose the……

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Mercy’s father once hit her mother’s head with a log. He has no job and is a drunkard with a foul mouth.

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Victory & Aaron

Victory and Aaron’s father is HIV positive and bedridden. He cannot work and is unlikely to survive much longer.

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This six-year-old little angel loves telling stories. Her teachers say she tells stories to her class. The other…

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