His father was a soldier and died in Somalia on a peacekeeping mission.

His mother now makes baskets for a living, but it is not enough to live on. Sometimes weeks go by without a sale. She has little peace. Only worries.

Arnold is shy – he hardly says a word.  Teachers say he doesn’t participate much in class. Yet all his assignments are correct, and he performs well academically. He listens, studies  and learns.

Currently Arnold is nearing the end of 4th grade (P.4) which is the beginning of “Senior Primary.” School work gets harder now – and the question of what will happen to him in the future starts to have urgency.  Students graduate primary in Uganda at the end of P.7.

He has performed well. He is  consistently in the top five of his class or better..

What he needs more than anything is someone who will help him finish primary and, if his performance continues to be good, may continue to help him in secondary – a major step towards his future, or to be more correct, a major and necessary step to having any future at all.

This is the price of being a soldier in Somalia on a peacekeeping mission.