Anxious is a wonderful boy, a self-driven student, dedicated to his studies and an only child.  He is especially talented in physics and mathematics.  Unfortunately, through no fault of his own, he has lost his sponsorship.

His family situation is very sad. His father used to work with tourists trekking to see the mountain gorillas in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, but he is now often ill with AIDS, leaving him without the ability to work. 

His mother is also HIV positive but still looks for work wherever she can find it. It is a difficult situation for the three children in the family, and there is hope that Anxious might be able to help the family at some point.

Anxious attends BCCK (Bishop Comboni College Kambuga), the secondary school we have used for years.  Anxious has done well in his first and second year at BCCK, and we have been proud of his performance. 

This year, Anxious will leave school for the long holiday break the first week of December. BCCK will reopen for classes at the beginning of February. Without a sponsor, Anxious will not be there. 

Mathematics and Physics don’t get a fifteen-year-old boy a job in a country where 78% (about 27 million people) of the country’s population between twelve to thirty-five cannot find work.  Anxious would spend his time helping his mother and waiting for his father to die. And then what.


NOTE:  If you are interested in helping Anxious, please do not send a check or donate online.  Contact us to discuss costs at +1 312 316 7386 (Lorna Gladstone, EB President or or at  Annual secondary fees differ from primary education.