December 6, 2019 Children

Anthony’s father makes about $4 a day – not enough to pay school fees.  Hardly enough to feed the family.

Anthony  is five years old and will begin “Top” next February when the new school year begins.  This is the third and final year of nursery school. Anthony is one year younger than most of the students in the same year.   Perhaps this is why he is so shy in class and has made few friends.

If he were sponsored, he could Board at school and participate not just in the classroom but with other boys who also board.  That might help him become more comfortable, as well a giving his family one less child to feed much of the time.

One can never be sure with children like Anthony.  Sometimes they never do well in school.  Sometimes they blossom unexpectedly.  Our mission is to help as many as possible whose families are too poor, too ill, too old to be able to help these children themselves, and if possible, to help the child find eventually find a trade so he can help himself and perhaps also  his family.

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