If you wish to sponsor Alvin, please DO NOT use the payment sheet on your right.  Secondary costs are higher than those for primary.

Please contact Lorna at 312.316.7386 for information and details.

Alvin is 13 years old and will begin his last year of primary school in January 2022 when schools will probably reopen.  We are hoping you will do something special for Alvin: sponsor him for secondary education.

He has consistently been #1 in his class.  Bright, a fast learner, well-liked by teachers and students alike, he is exactly the kind of student who should continue to secondary.

His mother died in childbirth.  The twins she was having died with her, leaving Alvin, his brother and his sister.

Alvin’s father remarried. The new wife and the three children, Alvin, a brother and a sister do not get along with her, nor she with them.

His father works as a teacher in a school that pays very little, and unlike our teachers at Watoto, these teachers have received no income for almost two years. There has been no work, no money, no hope.

When Alvin graduates in 2022, he should continue to secondary education at Bishop Comboni College (secondary school) Kambuga, the best secondary school in our region and one we have worked with for over ten years.

Without a sponsor to secondary, the door slams on Alvin, throwing away all his good academic work – and his future.  Everything stops. Permanently. End of the road.

Please note: Alvin looks very thin and is wearing what is called the school “casual” clothing – a uniform for after school and weekends.  There is very little food at home, and he has no other clothing except rags.