October 17, 2019 Children

Abigail is only 3 years old. Considering that she is holding her own in “Baby” class,  mostly 4-year-olds –  she is doing great!

Her mother abandoned her. Sometimes this happens out of despair.  Sometimes another man who might give a woman a better life, offers to marry her, but does not want the children of another man.

So, Abigail has only her father, who is illiterate and washes cars for a living.  There are not a lot of cars to wash in Bwindi.

She likes answering questions in class and doesn’t care if she is wrong. She is simply active and playful and, says her teacher,  neat in her class work. She likes very much to draw.

Her father makes just enough to bring home food.  She has no siblings. School is now her refuge, her safe place, her source of nutrition and of plenty to eat, a place to play with other children, to laugh and to learn.   It is her real home.

Please help keep her in school.

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