December 5, 2018 Children

That Shine has a smile on her face is testament to her courage and to her ability to survive.

Her mother and father were in a very serious motorcycle accident.  Both are permanently and severely disabled and are unable to work. There are six girls and one boy in the family.   Food is not plentiful.

Watoto has taken in Shine and her brother Johnson in hope that we might find a sponsor for one or both of them, so they can remain in school.

Shine is six years old and will enter 2nd grade in 2019.  At school, one will always find her with a group of her friends, both in class and out.

She is not the best of students, though she is still very young and may improve over time, especially if she starts boarding when sponsored.

There are many ways a child can be vulnerable in Uganda. Life is hard.

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