February 21, 2019 Children

6-year-old Ritah’s parents divorced. Her mother left her and her sister with their father. The children have not seen their mother since.   Ritah had a sponsor, but after one year, the sponsor stopped responding.

Her father is a local worker who does small carpentry jobs fixing things.  He is HIV positive.  Too often, he must go out of town in order to get work.   Sometimes someone in the neighborhood takes them in while he is gone.  Sometimes, Ritah and her sister stay at home by themselves. 

She is only in “P.2” – second grade, working hard to try to get better grades.

Shy with adults, she is happy and active with her friends. She tells the Headmaster that she loves her father very much and does not know her mother.

If she were sponsored, she would come to live at school during the school terms and have three good, nutritious meals a day and be taken care of by the teachers, older girls, her friends and the staff.  Lots of care, lots of love, lots of security – as well as a better education.  All these come with boarding when a child is sponsored.

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