November 13, 2018 Children

At 8 years old, it is hard to know how a child will perform academically over the long run, but Rester looks like she just might. She just finishing first grade and has started second. When she ended the school year in 2018, she was 3rd in her class. We will see what the future holds.

There are 14 children at home. Three are Rester’s siblings, and the others are all her fathers’ nieces and nephews.  The only school available is close to Rester’s home and far away from theirs.  This is the only way these children can attend school.

Rester was accepted at Watoto for free because of what appears to be high academic potential.

The Head Teacher tells us that Rester responds slowly when asked a question in school, thinking about it before she answers. If she has not understood something, she speaks right up.  She always asks for the material to be repeated or explained again to make sure she has understood.

A good trait for a second grader.

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