February 21, 2019 Children

When Princess’ mother came to registration, she started crying.

We thought she was worried about the money.  She was not.  The Head Teacher told us she was crying because in order to buy food and the most basic things to keep alive and to keep Princess in school, she has to prostitute herself.

When the Head Teacher told us this after registration, we asked him to call Princess’ mother and tell her she would never be asked to pay school fees again.  Never.

Princess is an amazing little girl.  When you talk to her, she looks directly in your eyes, and answers any question you ask. Not many children her age do that.  Her teacher says she feels bad if she gets better grades than other children.

The mother was a victim of early pregnancy which forced her out of school.  She and the father never married because they were so young, and then the father abandoned them both.

Princess now lives with her aunt, who works at the hospital as a janitor, but the aunt has young children for whom she will soon have to pay school fees and cannot support Princess.

We hope one of you will agree that Princess’s should never again have to pay school fees and will offer her a sponsorship.

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