December 27, 2018 Children

Osborne is 6 years old and recently began “Top” class – the last year of nursery before 1st grade.  He is doing very well in school. His teacher says his writing is good, and he is quick to learn. 

Both his parents are alive, but his father was a boda-boda driver (a motorcycle taxi) who was hurt badly in an accident.  Now he walks only with crutches.  There was an injury to his hip, and unlike here, rural people in Uganda are unlikely to be able to get the kind of surgery he needs.  He can find no other work.

Before the accident, Osbourne’s father supported his younger brother who is in secondary school and took care of his nephew, who is in an orphan.  Now there is no money and little food – school fees are impossible. The whole family is in trouble.

Osborne needs a sponsor to stay in school – and the family needs the hope this could bring.

Help Osborne and in doing so, offer a kind hand to a family in need.

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